Saturday, September 11, 2010

The anniversary of the day that changed the world.

Today is the day the United States will remember as the day a small group of Saudi Arabian Muslims and a few other Muslims from other countries flew transportation jets into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania. This was the catylyst for the war in Afghanistan and ultimatly Iraq. The perpetrators of the amazingly ghastly attack of September 11, 2001 directly lead to wars in two countries that directly has nothing to do with the actual attacks. Why did we not go to war with Iran? Why did we not got to war with Saudi Arabia?
The truth is confusing. The reasons are amazingly confounding. Osama bin Laden did not endorse the attacks of September 11, 2001. He did approve of them. He did not plan or conspire to have them happen. Saddham Hussein has nothing to do with the attacks od September 11, 2001. Iraq, the country, had nothing to do do with the attacks on the US. The Taliban, a extreme Muslime fundamentalist organization, are recognized as those responsible for the attacks. The immediate war waged against Afghanistan by the US removed the Taliban from control of the country. This war continues to this day.
Iraq had nothing to do with the attacks of September 11, 2001. Saddham Hussein, the elocted leader of Iraq, had nothing to do with the attacks on the US. In 2003, the US began a war in Iraq. The reasons are base on the fear that Iraq and Saddhams government developed weapons of mass destruction. The war continued. The weapons were never found. The leader of Iraq was arrested and murdered. No weapons were ever found. Iraq is on the verge of civil war and the US is withdrawing its troops. No weapons were ever found.
Thousnads of US troops have been killed in Afghanistan. The reason is to establish peace. Osama Bin Laden has not been found, even though he is only a ringleader of the taliban. It is possible that he has been dead for years, being one who needs kidney dialysis treatments in a third world country.
The ass-hole who declared war on this nation is out of office and is remembered as the fool that he is. The confusion all lies in the secrets of the CIA. The truth of what happened on September 11, 2001 is not secret. It is just not endorsed by FOX news, CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC or any other major news network. In fact, if the major news networks disagree with you, you are wrong. PERIOD. If you disagree, you will be crushed. I the truth is not to their advantage, it will be crushed. So, look into the ZEITGEIST

Friday, September 10, 2010

The problem is............

For starters, i am not right.

To second that, you need to accept the fact that you might not be right either.

Faith is believing in something that has no proof, except that which you belive in.

Reality is subjective to your perception and perception is everything.

Please, please, never tell someone else they are wrong. You may in fact be wrong.

Life is to precious to be wasted. Beliefs may differ. The universal god of everything is in control.

Just for me

Pleasure and pain have brought me to the point at which this has become something worth while. Crackers and cheese and fear of disease are the most important things on my mind right now. Beauty is in the eye, or more appropriately in the mind of the beholder. Love is blind. Justice is blind. Lust will simply stare you down, undress you and get all turned on and finish the deed without ever even meeting you.
The heart beats to pump blood to the body so life can continue. Truth is subjective, reality is only real to you. How complicated is the truth of life. The science of life is established. We are in the era of explainations. THe questions the scholars asked thousands of years ago are answered. The confusion of the masses is now manifest in the web of comunication that this is just another part of. As much information as is available, ignorance is really unaffected. It is simply more available.
People may evolve but the odds are not in our favor. The educated and enlightend are far less likely to reproduce. The ignorant, the fundamentalists, the faithful, they will make children. These will be those who carry on the genetics of the zealots. The war has become planetary. The beliefs of different religions are not nearly as different as the difference from the Non-believer and the believer. The truth is, they all believe the other is wrong, ignorant and doomed to either an eternity in hell or a life in hell. Either way, they are ignorant of the truth and wrong and damned.
Mighty pretentious of those of you who feel you are correct and the rest of everyone is damned to hell. Curious that a universal God, you know God, the controller and creator or the universe, this power/existance/force so far greater than all of humanity is so petty that what we call it really matters. Psychology of the zealot explains the mentality of those who believe that they, among millions of others, are right in their faith and every one else is wrong and damned. This is an emmense psychological undertaking that so many people can do with out a thought. It is so amazingly selfish to dismiss,. neccesarily, the whole of human existance to hell as long as the induvidual "knows" they are destined for the kingdom of heaven.
The truth lies in the math. Not only do different denominations of protestant Christianity condemn other denominations to damnation, as well as Catholics and Orthodox Christians, but they condemn every other religion as well. Hindu, Muslim, Buhhdist, Jewish, these are all damned to eternity in hell.
This is only the tip of the iceburg. Imagine that the only way to heaven is faith in Jesus Christ as the son of God. Well. Jesus lived aproximately 2000 years ago. So, from the time of his death, salvation was possible. What of the billions of people who lived before Christs existance? The billions of people who lived before Mohammeds life? All the people who live in the Americas, who never even heard of these ideas until the 15th century. All the people in Africa, Asia, Australia and countless other islands, nations and lands who never heard of the "truth" of Jesus, what of them?
Jesus himself stated that is easier for a poor man to enter the kingdom of heaven than it is for a rich man t o pass his camel through the eye of a needle. This is impossible. How much harder is it for a man who is completely ignorant of all things Christian to ever be "saved" into heaven. Even that much more difficult if this man was born, lived and died five thousand years before Christs life, and lived in southeast Asia.
Self righteous, religious, fundamentalist zealots are more a part of the divisiveness in the world consciousness than the military leaders, the business barons and the military powers. Religion is the number one cause of murder, war, death, pillage, plunder and destrucion in the recorded history of mankind.
Do you disagree? Check you facts. DO your research. Study your history. Read your Bible. Branch away from the sermons your pastor tells you. Look at history. Think about the crusades, the conquest of India, the African situation, the extermination of the Native Americans by Christians, the current war on Iraq and Afghanistan by our christian nation. Learn about what Muslims believe. If you are a Christian and you believe Muslims are killers and evil, well, you are ignorant and need to educate yourself. Fact is, Muslims believe that Christians are just as crazy and evil as you think they are. Educate yourself. Ignorance is the virus of humanity. Peace